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I just realized something while I was lurking around Hetarchive.net… well… OMAYGASH! IS ROMA-CHAN SMILING?! IS HE? HE IS, RIGHT? (人´∀`*) Forgive me, everyone, is just that my fangirl heart cannot contain all my feels for this handsome badass Italian. Aaaaand… there’s America and Austria, drinking coffee together. Just look at those megane cuties… drinking…coffee…together… I mean… JUST.LOOK.AT.THEM.THEY.BOTH.HAVE.GLASSES.AND.AHOGE….. and they are drinking coffee together. //shot …someone, help me.

okay. I think I have a new crack pairing. XD ohgosh. I think this is bad…

source: Hetarchive.net

Posted on July/28/2013
Tagged as: hetalia, strip, aph romano, aph america, aph austria, lovino vargas, alfred f. jones, roderich edelstein,
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